Eat healthy and stay healthy.

You can help yourself prevent serious sicknesses.

It is a proven fact by Scientific studies that the single greatest protector of your health is FOOD. It is your BEST Medicine to help you recover when you get sick.        In order for food to provide its maximum benefits to your body, it must be taken in its whole natural form. Refined food diet can actually be your health downfall.           Your immune system, the pharmacy of the body makes several billion types of medicine known as 'antibodies' to protect your body against any intruder. Antibodies  manufactured by your immune system will attack any unwanted germ or virus that finds its way into your body and destroy it. Of course, when your immune system looses its ability to generate needed medication to combat diseases, serious ailment can take full residence in your body.  To live a very vibrant healthy life, you need to keep your immune system healthy. So every day of your life, always ask "What can I do today to keep my immune system healthy ?" and don't just ask questions, do what ever it takes. Life is more fun without sicknesses.



What can you do prevent serious sicknesses.

You can eat the right foods to make your immune system manufacture all the antibodies that your body needs to stay healthy. Stay away from foods that inhibit the functions of your immune system. Fresh fruits and vegetables consumed whole contain healing compounds called phytonutrients which can prevent damages to your cells. Some scientific studies have shown some phytonutrients to reduce the incidence of breast and prostate cancer; while others have been shown to lower cholesterol, detoxify the liver, clear up bronchitis and reduce pain. You can benefit a great deal by taking blend of whole fruit juices on regular basis. Whole fruit juices retain the fibers and and the natural nutrients of the whole fruit. Some fruit juicing method will eliminate some useful components of the fruits resulting in much less benefits to the body.

Take whole fruit juices and smoothies regularly, its very healthy for you.

If you are too busy to cook whole meal or you are not able to afford sit down meals  on regular basis, you can benefit greatly health wise by taking whole fresh fruit juices regularly. Blend of whole fresh fruit juices made at home not only taste good, it also provides the body with a host of benefits necessary for good health.             Juicing blend of fruits provide you also with added advantage of being able to benefit from the nutrients of the fruits you don't particularly care for by itself; but tastes really good in combination with other fruits.                                       There various machines in the market for producing fruit juices, but my vote is for powerful blender juicer which can produce smooth tasting fruit blends without throwing any fiber away. The fruit produced with this kind of machine is equivalent to eating whole fresh fruits themselves. I have personal experience with Vitamix. It is a very powerful machine which works very well for producing smooth tasting juices and smoothies.